Probate and Estate Administration

Roark & Mansur Law, PLLC with over 30 years of experience provides efficient and professional assistance in the administration of an individual’s estate. The administration process, commonly referred to as probate, involves the collection, protection and preservation of the decedent’s assets for distribution to the individual’s heirs identified in a decedent’s Last Will and Testament or by the applicable laws of intestacy. Probate is subject to the jurisdiction of the probate court of each jurisdiction and is commenced by the filing of a petition for the allowance of the Last Will & Testament.

Once the personal representative of the estate is appointed the personal representative must collect and account for all income and assets, prepare and file state and federal estate tax returns, evaluate claims of creditors of the decedent, sell real or personal property as may be needed to meet the expenses of the estate and generally carry out the orders and judgments of the probate court.

Probate proceedings are not usually complicated, but in order to proceed smoothly, require some experience and understanding of the underlying legal principles. The assistance of legal representation familiar with the many rules of law which govern the procedural and substantive aspects of probate may prove invaluable.

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